New York Collection.

Inspired by Urban Jungle.

Inspired by
New York City
As one of the top four fashion capital, New York City provides endless stories with its unique style and culture. The glen check pattern was CYRILL’s take on illustrating empowered and independent women marching through the skyscrapers in Manhattan. With patterned fabric, the New York Collection flaunts chic, cosmopolitan and singular designs that will bring urban look for anyone.
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Glam Check
Women who face the giants and make difference in her suit and tie across streets of skyscrapers inspired Glam Check. Face any corner of the way with chic and confident steps.
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Classic brown glen plaid brings SoHo in Lower Manhattan known for its cobblestone streets and exquisite cast-iron-facades into your palms.
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New York, New York
“New York” calligraphy stitched on grey glen plaid in finesse depicts bustling and constantly integrating New York City.
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New York Check Pattern
Glen check pattern is considered one of the plaids that brings out the modern classic look in fashion. Black, white, grey and muted colors woven together delivers chic and clean look for all